I have a week to get this right

I’m only a little less than a week into this course. I’m trying to do all the exercises to the best of my ability and read the literature. It all sounds good and feels good, like in my head it’s going to work. The girl I’ve been seeing for 3 months comes back from vacation June 7th. I know she’s going to want to hook up on the 8th. I want to say I’m ready and I’ll be able to keep an erection. I’m really battling my inner critic right now. My battle is I can feel her impatience and I know that another 1-2 times of me not keeping an erection could be the death of the relationship. I’m going to follow the plan and just would like some positive reinforcement from the group, prayers, etc. thank you and may your issues be resolved and solved. :grin:


You’ve got this, and in the unlikely case you don’t try to take a deep breath and talk to her. If it’s meant to be she will understand.


This is a lot of pressure to put on yourself, and I worry that you’ll end up not enjoying the hook up no matter what happens.

If she isn’t interested in being with you if you can’t stay hard, then maybe she isn’t the right one?


Go into the night with sex off the table. Tell yourself it’s not going to happen. Not tonight! It’s just the bond between you. If it happens it happens but trying to plan it will ruin it.

I have been in this situation and trust me the pressure and puttting a deadline doesn’t help. Instead think of just having a good time. If it happens well and good, if it doesnt its not the end of the world. The worst that can happen is she will leave you and if thats the case then better sooner rather than later. You will atleast be a step ahead in this journey if you face this situation with ease. Just stay calm and dont take this too seriously and all will be well😀


You got this, man! She’s going to wish she came back from vacation sooner!

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If I was in this position I would most likely not get an erection but I’d instead go into it with the intention to pleasure her and ask her what she wants being open about your issue so you can have the time to continue to work on it. If you make her cum without your dick, she’s far more likely to stick around till you can give it to her

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Thanks! Well the last time I was over I licked her so good she came three times. And they weren’t fakings as my face had the proof. Maybe I’m honestly exaggerating or making a bigger deal out of it. I need to just relax and figure out overall how to get out of my head whether sex happens or not. Thank you for the support

Thank you! I appreciate your expertise and experience. I’ll try my best to just have fun and not go into the day/night to have sex. I just want to figure out how to get out of my head whether sex is on the table or not. I really like her and don’t wanna blow it. But oh well right?!? Thanks

I agree with you. I couldn’t believe that I literally didn’t feel much of anything. There’s no way I didn’t feel sensations but was so in my head that it was like an out of body experience. I need to just enjoy the moment and being with her. And if sex is attempted and fails or succeeds to just enjoy the intimacy & moment. Life happens and it’s how I react to it more than what actually happens; thanks a lot.


I think that’s a great idea. Thank you. I need to just enjoy being with her. That’s a small part of the pie. I did make her cum three times from oral.

I feel you man, I had some hotties with me while I was touching them, but somehow my body just ain’t aroused

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Man if she leaves you because you don’t have an erection she is not for you… and Look at polls and statistics. Most of the time women do not judge men badly when they have ED. They either blame themselves or try to help ther man. Work on your sex skills. Finger her. Play with her clit. Treat her well. Sleep beside her. Do mindfulness. Massage. And your erection will come back naturally if you and your girl give yourself time. Don’t be in a rush when you see her. Try to see her a whole weekend for example

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I needed to read this. Trying to believe the other person when they say want to talk about it (so hard to believe anyone wants to talk about it) and enjoying the intimacy no matter what is where I am at now.