Girl came back from vacation! Same issue

I really tried to get and keep an erection with a woman I’ve been seeing. My penis got erect and seemed ready to have penetrative sex. But by the time she tried to get on top it went from 90% to 60%. She couldn’t get it in and I was 1/2 erect. So I ate her out a bunch. She came a few times over a 24 hour period. But kept saying, “I want your big cock inside of me.” I really want to have sex with her and I’m trying to work these mentals. Ugh

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When she’s giving me a blowjob I get erect but maybe not close to my full potential. And I don’t like really feel it like I think you should…. The weird part is Monday I slept with a woman I wasn’t interested in and I got hard as a rock and was able to fuck her and cum TWICE.

There is less pressure to perform when you’re not interested in her or you don’t find her attractive. It’s probably because you don’t care what they think about your sexual performance and/or you don’t see them in your future so it doesn’t matter. I have the same problem. When it’s somebody I actually like I don’t perform unless Im very comfortable around them. Her saying she wants the D can make the problem worse because she is expecting it and you feel like you have to give it and that can be a lot of pressure. Try doing something that relaxes you before sex like massages or a movie. Alternatively I’ve tried making a game out of my worries of not getting hard enough and told a partner that I’m going to sleep but if she gets me hard she can do whatever she wants and then you just lay there with no expectations on you and then from there do what you please if you feel ready.


Thank you! It made me feel a sense of relief like it has to be in my head. So although the result of it isn’t like an actual ED problem but mentally…. And the girl I really like is being Uber supportive (I licked her good in 24 hours she got off 5 times). In the heat of the moment she wants me inside her…. She doesn’t mean harm by it. But yes, you’re right, it probably affects my mental. She said, “we’ll work through the problem/issue and resolve it together.” So there’s hope, I just gotta do the work.