2nd time not being able to get it up before sex

Hey so I’ve been seeing this girl for the past month or so and we were really hitting it off until recently. She invited me back to her place and things were getting hot and heavy but when it came time for sex I just couldn’t get hard. This happened again last night and I feel very depressed about it. I went to the doctor and he said it’s anxiety and that I could either take viagra or go to a sex therapist. Just wondering what people who’ve been in this boat think I should do? What have you done that has helped you? Thanks

That is exactly my case… I understand completely. I met my girl over a month now, and in both oportunities where we were going to have sex I couldnt get hard. I mean, during foreplay and the kisses I was rock hard, but when the time came to put on the condom my penis softened instantly and it was way too dificult to get it hard again. I felt so bad, caus I really feel attracted to her…

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Have you done or taken anything to fight this problem by any chance. I’m not sure I want to take ED medicine because I have heard that people end up relying on it to get an erection but I’m just not sure what else to do

The exact same thing happened to me once, during kisses, while we had our clothes on, I was hard, but as soon as we got naked, I became soft. The exact same thing two times, with a woman I really liked and found extremely hot. This felt super weird. The third time, we started kissing, I was hard, and I just pulled her pants down, got my dick out and penetrated her. No condom. I know this was not ideal, but once I was inside her, I kept my erection. And after that, I had no problem having sex with her. I guess my brain needed to go over whatever mental block I was suffering.

I am literally in the same boat… Both times all the foreplay has been great and then when going to stick it in, it’s just gone soft. Then even struggle to get it back up, and in my head I’m just telling myself I’m not good enough. Feel like I’m letting her down too.

Just take a pill to get your confidence back and make her happy. Work on the exercises and when you feel confident, try again without the pills. Just try to relax man. The pill can help in the short term. They do work

This is real familiar… the “dead zone”when you stop to put a condom on…. And things go south… I hate it…
but… this program is helping… first find the problem… then work on the solution.
I know it’s probably not ideal… but I used to use pills every time, but now… I only pop one if I’m feeling a bit less confident… or if it’s going to be a long weekend of activity… also… I’m not as young as I used to be… but my aim is to be pill free and keeping it up most if not all the time… come on boys…… we got this…