Just want to share my story

The problem started when i was 18 and I finally got my first girlfriend. I was quite a shy guy, but i really wanted to act cool. I never told her i was a virgin. We spend the forst few nights just kissing, then she gave me some handjobs, no issues whatsoever. But then when we tried to have sex the moment i tried to put on the condom, no erection. I didn’t know what was happening back then. The problem continued for the second and maybe the third time we tried. Finally i managed to have a sexual encounter and after that i had no issues whatsoever with that girl for the length of the relationship which lasted 4 years.

After we broke up i hooked up with another girl, for a ONS i was rock hard during the foreplay but just when i was about to take my underwear of, again no erection. I put it to the fact that i wasn’t really attracted to her so i did not really made a big deal out of it.

After that i started dating a girl i really liked. I fell madly in love with her just after the first dates. So again when it came down to it no erection. This time I really started to panic because i really liked her and I was so attracted to her. First time i realised i could not get hard and made an excuse i did not have a condom, i think the second time when things started to get hot again i made some excuse to leave. I was literally running away from sex. The third timr i think i managed to enter her, but i came instsntly. She was understsnding. After a few more attepts i managed to have good sex with her. After that again no issues during the relationship which was 2 years. It was lime a barrier that i passed and after thst the issue was gone. After i broke up with her i was quite confident really thinking that the problem was gone.

I hooked up with another girl for a few nights stand. First time i managed to enter her after she gave me a blowjob to get hard bot got a semi while inside her and after a while we stopped. The next morning i felt really relaxed during foreplay and we mabaged to have incresible sex without issues.

After her i got with the girl thet i had spent the last 5 years with. With her even tough i was a bit nervous i had sex with her from the first attempt and i really felt like the problem was gone and nor problems during the whole 5 years as well. Afer we broke up we continued to have ocasional sex, and one day i tried to hook up with a girl for a ONS and the problem was back. This time I completley freaked out and while searching for a remedy i bought some viagra just to have in handy for ONSs

While having the viagra in my pocket i was feeling more confident. I had a girl come by my house one night. Things got hot, i was rock hard during foreplay but just to be sure, i excused my self to go to the bathroom to taky my viagra, but then surprise. I realised thst i left my wallet in my car and no viagra on me. I came back to her thinking whatever happens happens, and to my surprise i did not have any issues that night. I was exilarated, so happy. It was like the universe planned this to help me get over my problems. Then a few days I went with this girl on a trip and decided to take a night at a local hotel. After deciding this my eart started to pound. I don’t know ehat i was thinking, perhaps i was a fraid not to let her down after the great sex that we had. So we got in the room and both got in the shower. I was rock hars untill i decided to penetrate her in the shower even though i was feeling a bit anxious. Needless to say i lost the erection just a few seconds after entering her. The panic started to.settle. we got out of the shower and into the bed, she tried to touch me in all the ways possible but i was so much in my head thst there was no way i was getting it up. The feeling of panic was worse than anyother time in my life. I said to here that i cannot do anything at the moment so we should get out for a walk and dinner. During the whole evening i hat this know in my stomach and i knew that if i’m not going to relax sex will be impossible. I tred breathing exercises paying attention to her in conversation. Nothing worked. After dinner i excused myself to the bathroom, this time i had a qarter of a pill ready and I took it.
We came back to the room and as we started the foreplay my penis was rock hard and it stayed that way. After returning home we did not see eachother for a week but during thst week i was so anxious. The next encounter with her the anxiety was really high and i took a lower dose of the pill. We had great sex again, but i kept thinking in my mind, was it me or was it the pill. The next few encounters i decided not to take the pill anymore. She came over my place again i was feeling thst knot in my stomach and the anxiety was skyrocketing. I wasn’t even able to get it up during foreplay. I decidet to speek woth her ablut my problem. She was so understsnding and kind that it took the whole pressure off and got hard again and managed to have sex. After this a few days later when she came by the story repeated itself. Anxiety high untill i managed to relax. There was a night with her when i was really panicking and never managed to have sex at all after that it all spiraled down out of control. It is the first time that this happens usually the problem solved by itself after a good encounter but this time the problem seems to persist and the anxiety is worse than i ever experienced in my life. What do you think of my story? Any advice or support would be appreciated.

You are not alone. I’ve had nearly the exact same problem. Since first attempts at penatrative sex in my teens, I went soft while putting the condom on. After some time and a number of failed attempts it finally happened successfully. Sex continued without a hitch…until the next girl.

This pattern continued at the start of nearly every new relationship. Only in very few relationships was it NOT an issue. As I got older, the time it took to resolve it got shorter and shorter. I honestly cant tell you one specific tactic that worked. A lot of positive self talk - a manta of, “my dick works, my dick works, my dick works.”

I didnt have the benefit of the pill until my late 20s. This came in handy to initially boost confidence, but then became a crutch. It seemed like it basically just masked a symptom of a larger problem and the success of the pills made me never address the root cause.

I’m now 40, and faced with a long bout of ED in my marriage. This was even after seemingly getting over the new relationship jitters with my future wife and not using pills. Then slowly started having intermittent issues and introducing the pill again. Now Ive made the commitment to remedy the heart of the issue and its been a beast. Have joined mens groups, Mojo, a variety of alternative therapies and even traditional counselling. In this process of facing it head on, my symptoms have gotten worse (issues even during self pleasure when I otherwise had none - my physical health is fine…its still all in my head). My experts say this getting worse before it gets better is normal. Still feels like getting kicked when youre already down.

I wish I had the answer that we are all looking for. Trying to stay optimistic that I overcame the issue in the past with sustained success in every previous relationship, so I know it possible. Maybe that will help you as well. I think its awesome that you discussed the issue w your lady and got some of the pressure off. And that she was supportive. Hang in there. Again, youre not alone. Mojo has helped with that. I thought something was seriously wrong with me for decades and no one else had the issues I did. Keep scrolling the posts and you will find many that have exactly what we described. Wishing you all the best man.

With the actual relationship we are not really “going steady” it’s more like a friends with benefits kinda thing. And since we don’t get to have sex very often (once a week at most) probably contributes to the problem.

When I first got the pill i thought i just use it to make some positivr experiences, but my mind kinda knows when i’m not on it and overthinking starts.

I want to keep it handy in case of a future ONS kinda thing, why waste a good sex opportunity? And in case of something serious i don’t intend on using it.

Really appreciate your time to reply. I heard also from my therapists that before a problem is solved it usually gets worse at first. What kind of therapy and what from mojo you think worked best for you?

For me personally i think the identifying the negative thoughts and replacing them with three positive ones or questioning them really helped. And i became really good at doing this throughout the day not just in meditation. May we all find peace of mind! :pray: