Just want to share my story and find somehow solution to it :)

First of all sorry for my English I may not sound understandable, but will try my best.

So my ED started from the early age , while I was with a hooker at 17 age My performance was bad , so I just got Humiliated because of this. As a result it lead to my anxiety to perform.
After this i didn’t have sex maybe for more than two years and next experience was the same I had problem to stay hard at this time i kinda knew it was because of my brain, but still was afraid for the next try.
After some time I got closer to my childhood friend and finally I fell in love and when I was in love I soon found out that she slept with my best friend at the time when we were kinda flirting with each other, this fact destroyed me, but despite it i still couldn’t break up with her and when it came to sex, my anxiety was added to the fact that , she slept with my best friend and of course i was not able to perform
Ultimately, I’m here to give my brain the ability to analyze things properly and not start freaking out when it comes to sex and this is the first time i am talking about it outside my inner world :slight_smile:

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