Advice needed - Performance anxiety ED - 24 year old


I was 15 years old when I had my first sexual encounter with a girl that I was very attracted to. So much so, that when it came time to the act, i was so nervous to perform well my first time with this gorgeous girl, I experienced ED.

I couldn’t get hard and blamed it on the condom to her in the moment. I was so embarrassed with myself and never pursued another sexual encounter with her, or anybody else, for some time.

A year later, 16 years old, i meet my high school sweetheart, and we happily dated for 5 years. How, you might ask?

I had ED the first time we tried to have sex a couple months into the relationship. This time however I was honest with her about my performance anxiety. She understood.

It took about a month(!!!) after that before I felt comfortable enough with this girl as a person to finally lose my virginity.

From then on, I never experienced ED with her ever again. It’s literally as if once I had the confidence to commence in the act once, that from there, it was easy, fun and enjoyable; the way sex was meant to be experienced!

I’m 24 now, we split years ago, and I still have this problem of ED with women I don’t know well enough. It seems it takes me months still to feel comfortable enough to get an erection with a significant other I hardly know… very frustrating.

Can anybody relate to this purely stage fright ED situation?

Can anyone offer a solution(s)?