I'm in a bit of an awkward situation here

I’ve been dealing with anxiety-induced ED now for probably a couple years and it’s really affected my ability to get intimate with women and feel confident. This woman wants to come over and I am certain that it will get sexual and I’ve been freaking out about it for days on end to the point that I actually cancelled once already hours before because of my nerves (I made up some excuse). The critic in my head kept telling me to cancel and that if I did have her over I wouldn’t get hard and it would be very awkward. I know that these thoughts are destructive, but it’s almost impossible to tune them out. Anyone got any advice for what I should do here? I’ve had negative sexual experiences with other women and it’s hard not to imagine the same will happen, though I know in my head that it’s me causing it.

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I feel ya bro, keep working through mojo daily, in the meantime if you are sure it’s going to get sexual she is obviously very keen on you! Remind yourself of that. Go with the flow, let go of the idea in your mind of how you want things to play out. Breathe, relax, take your time to get more comfortable with her, maybe let her know you’re keen on her but sometimes get a bit anxious and might need some more time to get to know each other before doing the deed, don’t be afraid to make out with her still, she will have a good time. In my opinion there’s no shame in going to the doctor for the blue pill but know that you don’t need it, remind yourself of times you have gotten and stayed hard. Good luck my friend

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I had an issue with my ex where I would always lose boners in the middle of sex, or not get them at all. At first I thought this was a health issue, but the reality was it was all mental. It would create a negative loop, and cause her to become insecure which made it even harder for me to relax and get one.

We broke up, and as time passed I realized it was because we were having relationship issues. She got really into feminism, and this caused her to put out masculine energy. I’m a very masculine man, so this turned me off and I didn’t even realize it. She stopped making me feel filled at my core, and I simply didn’t want to have sex. Now when I spend time with new partners, I stay in the moment and never have erectile issues. Hope this story helps!


Talk to her about it when she comes over. If you out the thing you’re afraid of, it becomes less fearful. It’s not that big a deal and if you’re open about your anxiety, she will either understand and still want you, or she’s not the right one for you anyway. It’s not an easy thing but it’s the only way.

Talk to her about it