New relationship I have not been able to stay erect to have sex yet :((

I was single for a long time (years) and I started seeing a woman 3 months ago. First time we tried to have sex about 4 weeks in, I got so nervous and anxious that I didn’t get hard and put it down to being tired. Every time after that I would get super anxious, sometimes days before I knew we are gonna have sex again and same thing, my heart beats fast and my legs tremble and my cock struggles to get erect. I have done blood tests I am physically ok. When I masturbate I can get hard and cum.
When we’re playing around and making out, not in the bedroom I get hard! I like her and have feelings for her and she likes me a lot so this is absolutely killing me and destroying my confidence and making me really miserable.

I have been pleasuring her in other ways, orally and finger stuff (and she likes spanking too) but I know she wants me to penetrate her with my cock too.

This sucks so much.


You are describing a very common situation, often more difficult when you like your partner. If you are feeling anxious, your body will find it difficult to get hard - evolution! If you’re nervous in the cave man days your life would be in danger and you wouldn’t want to have an erection! So Mojo will help you learn about relaxing, noticing unhelpful thoughts and gaining confidence by doing some exercises alone.


It’s the same for me. I’m seeing a girl who I truly genuinely have such an amazing connection with. We were waiting to have sex then we decided we were ready my guy wouldn’t get up. Foreplay and stuff, I’m solid. Just when it comes to do the deed it chickens out. With mojo I’m learning it’s all in my head. Learning to relax, positive reinforcement. You’ll get there. We all will. Talk about it with her too, be vulnerable and tell her how you feel, its only gonna help