Getting my mojo back (22M)

just started the Mojo program within the last few days as i’ve been having on going issues with sustaining an erection with my girlfriend, we’ve been dating for a little over a month and we were talking for about a month before i asked her to be my gf. the first few times we had sex, i assumed that the pressure and anxiety of performing for a new parter was the cause of my erection issues but it has been continuing even after we’ve been sexually active with eachother many times and are now comfortable with eachother. i have come to realize that my issue isn’t with her, its with my relationship with sex as a whole, as i reflected and realized that all of my previous sexual partners/sexual encounters have not been overly healthy or positive. we had sex again tonight for the first time since i’ve started the Mojo program and i still had some issues but it’s getting better and i feel less self-conscious about it. it can get better boys, just practice the exercises and have a healthy relationship with this app as well, i’ve seen many posts that seem like people are obsessing over this app and making progress too much and it’s having the opposite effect as well. and just try having an open and honest conversation with you partner about your issues and feelings and past experiences and if she’s the right woman she’ll be supportive and understanding, i had a very deep conversation with my girlfriend about all this tonight after sex and she was extremely supportive and understanding and it made our connection that much closer and she noticed as well that my erection issues were better this time as well! cheers lads! keep it up!