Recently with a new partner I care about and lost erection before penetration

I (23M) have never had any problems getting and staying hard until I was recently with a girl that I really like. No issues with one night stands or anything like that but after talking and dating this girl for a couple months, when we went to have sex I lost my erection. It’s happened the past 3 times we have tried and I definitely think it’s related to performance anxiety. It seems I am having trouble once I get to know and have an emotion connection. I can get and stay hard during foreplay, oral, and other ways but once we go to penetration I lose it right away. I’m thinking about trying the pill just to see if I can get some confidence for the first time. I’m new to the mojo techniques and am going to try them before taking the pill. Luckily my partner seems to be very understanding of whats going on which has been helpful since this has really get emasculating. Any tips or thoughts are welcome and much appreciated!

@abundant-teal-hyena first don’t beat yourself about it. I can tell you from experience it doesn’t help. Second, the mojo lessons really helped me. Through understanding my anxiety really calmed down and I stopped spectating and criticizing myself so much. I found the meditation and mindful masturbation helpful.

If you have a partner who is supportive and understanding, you may have someone worth to investing in from my experience. If that is the case focus on being present and enjoying the moment more. For me, it takes my mind off my anxiety.

It can get better and it does sow doubt to have these experiences but you can get past performance anxiety. I did but Incant say I didn’t have to work at it.