Most commonly just penetration issues

I’m normally fine when I’m getting oral or being touched but usually the moment I penetrate I lose my erection within 1-3 minutes. Also during foreplay I’ll be hard but when I focus on making her cum first with some fingering I immediately lose it too. Anyone else experience something similar?

Just started mojo today hoping for some improvements in the future


i just started today as well! i have similar issue man, from my conversation(s) with her as well as my family doctor and from what i’ve learned on this app already i think it’s just your nerves man, if you can jerk off with no issues and only have erection issues with your partner than it’s a mental issue i think, take some time to analyze and self-reflect why you might feel that way? cheers brother!


Sounds like some super mild mental ED. Been there and have gotten past it. Mojo helped me a lot with this type of issue.


I experience the same thing with my partner. I’m fine and can stay hard until I penetrate. Then I lose my erection. I think that’s when my mind starts to take over…My wife can tell and when we are done( usually she climaxes) she says she list me. I recently started Mojo.


This also happens to me, the urologist is pretty confident my ED is psychogenic. Only one of my hormones was out of whack, LH. I believe. It was a little high for whatever that means. I haven’t met with the doctor to find out yet. I even bought this erection ring that tracks your erections at night to make sure that I was getting healthy. Erections and that was definitely not a problem. I get 4 to 6 a night… The meditations here and all the stuff I’ve done so far do seem to be helpful for the most part. I am finding improvement for sure.