My erection issues

i was with a girl one day and she wanted to have sex. this was my first time and i couldnt get hard, i later tried again with this same girl and i got hard, but couldnt keep it. she didnt take it too well and went all crazy on me. now with my current girlfriend i keep thinking that i wont get hard or keep an erection and the thoughts overcome me. i avoid, am embarasses and nervous to have any sexual encounters. i dont know what to do. if its my head getting to the better of me, vaping, low testosterone, a number of things. can someone help me please.

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From what you say (thoughts that you won’t get hard or keep an erection), PLUS the harsh reaction the first girl had, it seems likely it’s psychological (worries… anxiety) – thoughts getting in the way. Work through the Mojo program… allow time (days/weeks) to progress.


That’s so crap she had that reaction it’ll be hard to get over but you can do it. Keep talking openly to your current partner and try to keep it light. If she’s a good person she won’t deepen it too much and just keep focusing on what’s important, having fun with someone, making each other feel good. Sometimes you’ll be in the mood and get hard, other times you won’t, it’s not all black and white there’s a lot of grey area but the more you talk about it the more your partner will understand and maybe you could even find ways to alleviate the stress of it together. A lot of people in the same boat as you bro you’re not alone :pray:t2: (also just a side note but doing pelvic floor/kegel muscle exercises regularly has really helped me too)

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I had the same thing, keep loving yourself you’ll get through this

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thank you man. i will keep that into account and try to ignore the bad thoughts and think of good ones.

yeah thanks. thankfully my partner has been very understanding about everything and shes been very comforting. i appreciate you helping me :heart::heart: