My gf made me question everything

Me and my ex broke up about 4 months ago. While I was with her I was still having ed issues. I would take a pill to help and normally it would help. After our breakup she told me I wasn’t dominant enough with her and that voice has been stuck in my head ever since. I’ve had 2 different chances with girls that I’ve started talking to and with both of them Ive had erection issues. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I feel like this app isn’t helping and only making me think even more.

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First off, I’m truly sorry what you’re going through. Only us men will truly know how emasculating this feels. I’ve only been at this for a three days so I don’t know yet. But the reviews have been mostly amazing. Have you tried the meditation stuff? The way it’s guided has been amazing for me and helped with the stress of my ED and my girlfriend dumping me as well. All I can say is that when it comes to psychological stuff, it’s not a race, it is a journey. Try as hard as you can to surrender to the guidance and have trust. Because it sounds like you’re frustrated that it isn’t working fast enough.


I’m in the same boat as him but I’m like two months into this. I’ve been doing all the exercises & incorporating this into my life. I still have erection issues. I get hard but it’s never like real stiff to have penetrative sex. I know it’s my inner critic and being so in my head. I literally cannot feel the sensations at all in her presence. I come home alone and I’m able to get super hard and stiff…. But I’m just totally in my head. I feel like everything is great and then I get in bed with her and I’m back to in my head. I’ll keep the program going and battling.

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I had that as well. I could jerk off and I would tell her ‘hey I’m getting better, start getting your hopes up’, only to fuck up and disappoint her. I’m learning that the frustration of my sexual problems bled into our other problems of our relationship. Slowly learning that I need to forgive us and work on myself so my future relationship can be better.