Feel like giving up

I’ve been with this programme for several months now and, to be honest, have noticed very little change.
Last night was the last straw for me. My girlfriend has been avoiding initiating sex, for fear of us both being disappointed and hurt. Last night, she initiated it and was incredibly horny. We ended up in bed and guess what? My cock wouldn’t get hard. Even after she tried to blow me, nothing happened. We both ended up upset and my GF has announced that we should just avoid any situation like this in the future, to save us both being hurt. I’m so pissed off, it’s untrue. I’m actually seeing my GP on Wednesday for a blood test to see WTF is going on.


Bring her in on it. Sounds like the situation will only make it worse. Get talking about it and get her doing the app process with you. Make it a couple thing…?

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Of she is being upset by the situation, I imagine that would only make you more prone to have issues during sex. The thought she will be upset and disappointed again would be enough to shut your erection right down. I think she needs to be in on this. If she had a “hey whatever happens happens, you can get me off in other ways and I’m just as happy” attitude I imagine it would be much more relaxing for you.


My suggestion that helped me a bit is communication. Don’t go into it with expectations of penetrative sex. Just fool around and say ahead of time that sex is off the table. Take all the pressure off her and you.
Secondly, lay a blanket on the bed. Then get massage oils and give her a long sexy and slow massage. And just make it slow and sensual and fun. Also, if that’s not something that helps or works. Try making a music playlist. The music or something may relax you.