I don't know where I'm heading - Would appreciate any tips

I am almost 20 and have physiological ED issues for about two years after my first intercourses. Been in a rough spot mentally, I tried by myself to solve it more or less but despite some periods been totally good, I fell back.

Fast forward the last months, I decided enough is enough. I have worked a lot on myself and been good psychologically. Ed is getting steadily better and I will go to therapy too. I started mojo and I’m trying to learn more. In soft penis pleasuring for example, i stop the exercise cause I’m gettin continuously hard. And when I’m having erections is 100%

However, despite all that, I yet don’t know how to eliminate the issue. Morning woods are totally inconsistent which gets in my mind. When I try to have erection 7-8/10 are normal, but the 2-3 times I totally fail and while Im trying to be positive, I get disappointed and fall behind the work and the results I earned with difficulty.

Doctor recommended to take 5mg cialis/×3 per week to help me get back on track but I worry to get dependant by it or solve the problem just for a while. Also I’m talking to a girl who I meet in our hometown next month and I’m trying to make things go well.

If you read allat I wanna thank you and sorry for the long text. I really needed to speak to sb. If yall got any tip I would highly appreciate them. Have an awesome day!


good job on the steps that you have taken so far, thats sounds like a lot of work that you are doing.

In reading your post, it sounds like you are able to get the erections you want while doing soft penis pleasure exercise. I think thats good for you that this exercise is giving a positive result.

Getting disappointed at your penis those 2-3 times sucks, but the penis not getting up can happen to anyone, you’re not alone there.

Before going further, I have these questions for you:

  1. how long you have been doing the exercise?
  2. do you stop each time you have tried because you get erect?
  3. Have you ever gotten to the end of the exercise’s audio?

I haven’t done that exercise yet, so I have that to look forward to!

As someone who has had ED issues for a while now, I can understand your frustration. It’s discouraging to have progress and still have problems. I will say this: I have found that many things can interfere with erections. Stress, lack of sleep, depression, anything of those can cause issues.

It can be fickle. Don’t give up because it doesn’t always work. Worrying about performance will make it worse. Trust me on that

  1. I have downloaded mojo 6 days and I did the exercise 3 times by now and I got immediately an erection in all of them.
  2. I tried to stop the erection but only once did and continued normally the exercise.
  3. Yes

Physically I can totally get an erection. When I’m chill it’s really easy. Even when I don’t try to. It’s just sometimes my mind and body blocks and things don’t work at all or stop working

Thank you!