What support did you look for before finding Mojo? Did you find it helpful?

Went to the doctor some years ago. They tested for diabetes, but when that came back negative they told me it was psychological. No further help was offered.

Just otc supplements and hoped it would go away

A therapist but this person only gave me limited strategies.

Visiting my local Gainswave shockwave ED clinic at Vanderveer was amazing several years ago — the shockwave therapy, the P-shots, and now The Phoenix, life changing for me. Mixed with my PCP’s 20mg sildenafil, weight loss, and exercise prescription, my symptoms physically have dramatically improved. The nurses administering treatments were so awesome and would often geek out with me concerning my pumping routine and further care :heart:

Novus also shared with me the importance of NO veggies (e.g., Arugala), so I try to incorporate them weekly for an all day sustained release.

Intermittent compounded sublingual Rugiet (sildenafil + tadalafil) is really nice to have, I have lowest dosage available that I often split down the middle. But always try to minimize dosage, often to zero mg.

FrankTalk lost all credibility when they deleted my account with no explanation, including posts, once I started posting my positive shockwave, P-Shot, and Mojo breakthroughs. For me surgery is a last resort, as many men on there also say.

Doctor prescribed some pills, and I’ve talked to therapists in the past. Pills worked a little at bringing my confidence up, but not permanently. Talking always helps a little

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None just had been struggling in sexual encounters so googled it and found you.

Ed pills and a pump. Tried therapy and suggested sex therapy with my wife before I found this. Still working on making this a part of my daily life but I believe it’ll be helpful.

I searched the internet but that was not helpful, lol :joy:

Honestly, prior to Mojo, I wasn’t looking into any real form of support for Erectile Dysfunction… However, I had previously been signposted to Erectile Dysfunction medication-- as I think everyone with this issue has but have never taken it.

Looking online on Reddit and other forums for advice from other men going through the situation but there was just a lot of conflicting half remedies.

I went to see a urologist, but he immediately ruled out anything physically being wrong with me, he also didn’t wanna do any of the suggested tests like SKAT, hormones, sperm etc. He prescribed viagra and said most men then forget about their issues and will have a normal sex life. I don’t think he grasped how deeply rooted my issues are. So I turned to Mojo which has been great for education and exercises. I also want to try sexual therapy.

Nothing really. I tried to come up with my own solutions and they weren’t working because I miss understood the problem

Doctors/urologists and various forms of hypnosis. Yes they were both somewhat helpful but not consistently.

Gone to the doctor, checked my t levels, tried viagra. Therapy also, though not a sec therapist. Therapy, in tandem with mojo seems to be rewiring how I think, not only in the bedroom, but in other aspects of life

Brilliant discussion at the end regarding vulnerability and the exercise were great

Not really anything, it was mostly just a private and frustrating part of my life that I rarely spoke about. Since meeting my wife, we have talked about it, but prior to Mojo I hadn’t ever sought any help, much to my wife’s dismay.

I hadn’t sought any support or help prior to mojo. My issues with sex were always a private and frustrating part of my life. When I met my wife I began to speak more openly about it, but never sought help. It wasn’t until we hit a wall that I even tried mojo.

Been through councilling but the therapist I worked was not particularly good I didn’t feel. That just made me close down more and become more reliant on medication. Seeing guys my own age on here who are in the same position has helped a lot


I went to viagra but even that didn’t work. It made my issues worse because I thought if that didn’t work the. Nothing would