What support did you look for before finding Mojo? Did you find it helpful?

Just a doctor who prescribed Viagra.

Kegels for me/kegel stretch, masturbation almost to climax then wait to erection is gone-re-do 5 times to learn to trust erection will come back, ED pills.
The exercises worked well just adding mojo to change mindset at be better informed.

I’ve tried taking Cialis with mixed results. Sometimes I was able to be rock hard with my partner with no issues, but other times there was no change. It is an expensive option and I feel it isn’t sustainable to do it indefinitely as there becomes a reliance.

I knew it wasn’t anything physically wrong with me as I had no issues with being hard watching porn, so it’s all in my mind.

Mojo so far as helped and given me reassurance that I’m not alone, but I still don’t feel completely comfortable yet and am still reliant on the pills

None, really. The doctor recommended medication but trying to veer away from a dependency towards it.

None really. I would try to talk to a new partner about it — because it would come up anyway especially after a few disappointing sexual encounters early on where I would be anxious and therefore not able to get an erection — but I found that it didn’t always help. With some women they can be understanding and then the stress goes away and I’m able to relax more, but others just add to the pressure because they want me to fix the problem and that just makes the cycle continue. So other than talking with them I hadn’t really spoken with anyone about it I guess I naively was just hoping that with the right woman I would be relaxed and she would be understanding and I would get properly aroused, but now I know it’s not as simple as that