What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

Beyond an erection and penetration, what is your personal definition of sex?

It can be whatever you aspire to. Don’t say what you think is the noble answer. Say your answer.

Sex is the sharing of intimacy that creates physical pleasure

A moment of intimacy to be savoured, enjoyed and revelled in. A private space shared by two people where their love and respect can blossom. A time to unwind and release without fear or judgement.

Having fun with sex and sometimes bringing out the kinkier side

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Sex has no real rules or pressure. Just a sandbox for pleasure.

Compartir un hermoso momento junto con tu companera, sea esta novia o encuentro casual, respetarse mutuamente. Momento para conectarse en cuerpo y alma, dejar ir todo, estar aqui y ahora, girar de placer. Sin miedo a ser juzgados. Compartir unos minutos de amor.

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I like more intimate sexual encounters. Lots of foreplay, cuddling and kissing/touching before any penetration. I also prefer sex to be slow and gentle to vigorous and rough.

A moment of pure intimacy and togetherness, where you’re lost in each other’s presence and savouring the blissful moment.

Creating a fun environment where both of us feel wanted and needed

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Just doing anything that we both want too do spontaneously

I just want to get closer to my partner. I don’t want to make it seem like it’s all I want but I also want to have it

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Sex to me is fun and immensely pleasurable. The deepest way to connect with another person. I enjoy the visual aspect of the female body a lot, and I like to feel the sweat or oil on my partners body. I like being wanted and taken control of and advantage of, I like an aggressive partner. I like to move slow and build to aggressiveness.

Looking someone deeply in there eyes when it’s just you two in the room, sharing intimate personal details with someone, letting them touch your body wherever they want, trusting them to do that, trusting them to look after you, smell

I’m not big on hookups I prefer the romantic and intimate sex. Just enjoying each other the same way you would sitting down and cuddling or eating together.

My definition would be where you and your partner are having fun, feeling an intense connection, and fully in the moment.

Sex is only limited by your aptitude to experimentation.


Where you make love. And share this bond like none other from being inside the person. Where you feel this great feeling of pleasure and can release all worries of life.

Something we look forward to not something we fear.

Mutual pleasure and intimacy, however it comes