What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

Intimate mutual sharing of pleasure and a pressure release


Intimacy with or without orgasm. Just to fell an incredible sense of “closeness” with my partner

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Intimate and pleasurable time where partners are comfortable in being vulnerable around each other

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Two bodies coming together for intimacy and pleasure

Sex is connecting with someone in the most intimate way possibly and exploring levels of pleasure that can’t be attained otherwise. Sex is passion with a bit of pain, a time I can unleash my most confident self and fuck the shit out of someone in whatever way I desire. Sex is fun and carefree, not something to be taken overly serious but rather an activity to be enjoyed in every way, no matter how grandiose or simple.

Strong intimacy through cuddling and kissing. Feeling comfortable and confident to go long and slow or short and fast. Something this feels nature and not forced.

Creating a connection with another person. Being in that moment where it feels like there is just the two of you and the outside world ceases to exist or at least matter for just a little while.

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Sex, ideally, is a physical way to express your attraction to someone else. Whether that is a physical and/or emotional attraction. It should intense, fun and pleasurable

I think ultimately Sex is when two people devour each feeling electricity penetrate both of you and you feel every nerve in your body become one with your partners

I want it to be pleasure. Instant, overwhelming pleasure that has meaning.


Sex is about a deep connection - pure pleasure. I like it slow, deep. Fast and hard. In the shower. Or bed. The couch or the kitchen. Even in the car or the hot tub. I love going down on her. Making her moan. We love toys. I love when she rides me. We say we love each other. Tell each other how hot and sexy we are. I love my hands in her hair. The headboard hitting the wall. The sound of the bed rocking. The way she smells and the way she tastes. It is one of the most amazing, pleasurable and all consuming experiences I have.

Getting to explore my erotic fantasies and feel accepted by a partner for who I am

Being connected

A spiritual union between two people

Connecting souls

A pleasurable full body experience

It’s connecting with the other

Sex is sharing intimate moments and feeling sexual desire. Allowing our sex languages to be explored.