What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

I’m into sexual experimentation… I believe anything should be allowed on the table - atleast till it’s tried out. I need to introduce more of my sexual curiosities into the mix. Own them as part of me and see how we can find a way to incorporate some of them…

My definition of sex:
→ Feeling close to a girl, enjoying her company and becoming as close as possible until I or we orgasm

Sex is mutual pleasure that chemically bonds two people closer together. It doesn’t mean both parties have to be simultaneously stimulated for all or even most of the time, taking turns is good too. It’s about making each other feel good, feel wanted, trusted, and totally themselves.

Making love with each other, to feel so close as possible to someone

Sex separates us from anything else in the world, almost like creating a bubble of just you and your partner. Only afterwards do you emerge back into the world

Being naughty and playful with my partner behind closed doors feeling that connection and sexual burn

Expression of desire in a hot and personal setting.

A wonderful exchange of energies.

It starts with the connection of the eyes then flows to the heart.

Feeling an authentic bond with someone that’s uniquely enjoyable

Passionately enjoy each others presence and primal emotions while being entwined together

Ultimate Connection.

From close intimacy to spontaneous hard sex

Being playful intimately and just havi fun without feeling childish or silly… Accepting each other’s way of enjoying…

Enjoying some form of genital play with my wife, be it penetration, or oral sex, or a hand job. Really just enjoying each other’s bodies and the sensations they create and experience together.

Being emotionally aroused and connected to the girl, feeling lust and desire and letting foreplay naturally meld into penetration and making penetration only a small part of this larger, organic, present sexual experience. Being fully expressive of whatever emotions you feel sexually.