How do you approach full-body arousal? Is there anything you’d like to know?

Full-body arousal includes stuff like stroking, eye contact, cuddling… anything that’s not genital-focused.

Always curious about new methods and techniques – I feel that is always best to stimulate and excite the rest of the body before moving to sexual organs

Lots of body contact, caressing, lots of kissing, and being verbal as well, telling them you’re admirative about their body

Kinky shit

Naked Full body massage with some outer vagina play rubbing and pulling apart the lips without inserting anything with lots of kisses and cuddles

I’m always in to trying out new things… So quite interested in kink play. More of a growing interest which I never really had.

Wana see if I can introduce blindfolding into our mix and be more purposeful with the hair pulling.

Excited to see where it takes me and us…

Discuss with my partner and stay openminded as I want them to be comfortable with me

Would like to spend more time on full body arousal before penetration. Although I feel like I won’t last long enough sometimes

I liked the spanking lessons. Spank me full on the buttocks, making sure not to hit me near the pelvic bone.

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Giving full body massages starting with shoulder rub, neck, full back and working out all extremities. Transition to kissing up back to the neck and jaw line. End with passionate kissing of lips and front zones.

Always open to try something new together and see if my partner would like it

More massage and kisses for the foreplay.
But also tried some blindfolding which I really liked. Also some spanking but not singular more as in the mix, which she really likes. Did not yet do hairpulling, but I can see that its interesting to try. Good to have some inspiration and see that this is a common thing.

There’s lots of other kink possibilities. Latex or rubber, harnesses, cock and ball torture, Bondage, restraints, role play, etc. Explore more.

Wife and I are very much into bondage, domination/submission

How to make new parts of the body to trigger arousal, and train them to feel pleasure.

New areas of exploration

I love kissing and playing with nipples. Full body contact

Skin to skin cuddling

Ask explore do

Yes! The whole body is a sexual conduit. Scalp to toes, leave NOTHING untouched and watch your partners reactions.