What other sex skills can we help you with?

Nothing is TMI.

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Sometimes I want to do something hot but I don’t have the confidence to ask. I’ll start getting hard but asking seems just too much. I get overwhelmed, move to fight or flight mode, and everything goes away….

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Best vaginal penetration sensation angles

More sex positions for partners, and how to have sex in a way that ensures a female orgasm using the penis.

How to have sex which could lead to female orgasm?

Dominance and rough play (for those that like it)

Easiest way for penetration that limits the time it goes from putting on a condom to insertion, as this is when my erection is most likely to falter

More sex positions that help keep things interesting for her, but aren’t overly complex and don’t make me start thinking too much and spectatoring

Yeah my communication needs work I get so in my head at times

More sex positions, more variations around both penetration and non-penetration. The graphics are good to view as well, so more of those would be helpful. And fun. Maybe more details of kinks and preferences: I saw a book advertised that covered all sorts of fantasies and was deliberately written for skipping the things that aren’t of interest.

Fisting, foot play, golden showers

I think you covered some interesting new topics. I was never into anal, but I might actually give it a try. And the prostrate stimulation too.

More gay sex and arousal tips for men

I haven’t gotten over the fear of sharing what I want out of fear of being rejected or seen as asking for something that a “moral Christian” ought not to ask for.

I would like to see more sex positions that stimulate the Frenulum for me and the G-Spot for her

How to bring up kink like light bondage in a pre-sex conversation in a natural and non-creepy way.


I would like to my wife to enjoy some foreplay, how can I get her to have fun with foreplay? Also, try other sex positions. She only enjoys one sex position (modified missionary). How can I get her to be open to try other positions from time to time?

The opposite of premature ejaculation: sometimes, I stay hard long enough, but can’t achieve orgasm. This could be a side effect of ED drugs, though.

Communication during sex can be challenging if softness and rejection is an issue. Finding out something you are doing is not good for them can really deflate. I plan to keep things simply until trust, intimacy, and confidence improve.