What other sex skills can we help you with?

Not feeling nervous when your partner declines something new you’re trying

Bdsm play.

I think it would be helpful to have advice for having sex when you have a micropenis or much smaller than average penis. Your partner might want penetrative sex, but using dilros or strapons makes you feel inadequate and that you are not a real man. Mojo doesn’t really cover this.

Exploring different roles in sex (dominate, submissive, directive etc)

I think for me it’s just getting there and taking charge. Now I am sober it’s a little harder to break the ice. But if I learn to recognise their signals to go ahead, I should be fine. Then crack into the foreplay which I have always enjoyed anyway.

How to be more comfortable with being curious about any of these things. When my partner asks me to take the lead and asks me what I’m in the mood for,I often feel like I’m at a loss.

The verbal communication stuff is great. Im hoping this information is included in the resources. If it isn’t there, could that be added?

Ideas to help me practice full body arousal techniques such as flirty eyes and cuddling for connection. Also maybe a workout routine for my tongue/jaw as I get really fatigued when I’m giving head to my partners clit

I think I am more ‘kinky’ than she is. I’d love to know how to relay things that I like to her without coming off as a ‘creepy wierdo pervert’.

Vaginal fisting can be exhilarating for both the female and the male, especially when your penis is “regrouping”

Overcoming premature ejacuation

Agree. Having success with using these techniques to get and stay hard is great, but having that enjoyment cut short because of PE is frustrating.

With work and kids and life my biggest obstacle to better sex is time. Especially time to spend on foreplay and getting her aroused.