What other sex skills can we help you with?

Penetration positions.

More graphics for different sex positions and what sex position is good for what.

Incorporating playfulness / humor a little. This calms me down sometimes in bedroom vs when i take things too seriously / put pressure on myself.

I am working on getting a partner. So I like the knowledge. IT will be unused for now.

Add Jelqing!- this exercise helps with ED, and and when done correctly, PE. With a partner, it can add a sense of constructive support towards your sexuality as a couple

I easily get wrapped up in the visual of my penis thrusting in her vagina. It is actually a turn on. But maybe I can be excited and interested in other phases of the lovemaking more

more positions! more techniques! lets get a playbook!

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Ways to relax together into an experience and also any resources for couples who want to try different kinks to find which suits them best. Thank you!