Tell us — what are the best moves for giving a woman pleasure?

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I don’t know I’m gay but i know the clitoris matters

Play with the vulva until they’re wet enough for you to work the g-spot

Licking the clitoris and two fingers in her working her g spot

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cking the clitoris and two fingers in her working her g spot

I have found rubbing the tip of the penis on the clitoris to be very effective. Also great when you aren’t fully hard.

First just touch the vulva and play with the bean. Then she’s feeling it. If you’re hard, then start fucking, if you’re not, ask her to run you for a sec. Fuck in your most comfy position to get the boner solidified then try new things. Girls like it when ur spontaneous with it. Go to the couch. To the floor. Try new positions. There’s so much fun to be had.

Licking or rubbing around the outside of the vulva and inner lips without penetrating or touching the clit. Switch up directions and pressure until she’s fully ready then add in clitoral/g-spot stimulation. If she orgasms, try running your finger tips lightly along her thighs. Start from her knees and move slowly towards her crotch stopping just short of her vulva. Move up along the backs of her thighs and circle back around. You can switch up direction or move to other areas. Go with what seems like she enjoys it the most but never stick to the same pattern for long. If you’re lucky, you may make her orgasm without genital stimulation.

Teasing and sensual touch helps to stimulate intercourse

Two fingertips stroking her gspot will teasing the clit with a sucking vibrator, makes her squeal and and sometimes squirt with pleasure

just slow down cowboy

Gay here - learning about pleasuring women here has been educational :stuck_out_tongue:

Sucking milk from her nipples while using beckoning motion with two fingers on her g spot. (She massages her clitoris)

The clit rubbing has been a good one. Also grabbing their neck if they are into that. A lot of girls have asked me to choke them just a bit. The neck kissing too. Also when you rub your hands from their knees to their pussy.

Licking and sucking the clitoris while fingering with index and middle finger when they’re really getting going turn your hand vertically so the next finger along from the middle one lines up with her ass. lube and gently, slowly start to push the finger into her ass partially going deeper as she gets used to it continuing with the licking and sucking. (Get permission for the ass thing first!)

Yoni massage

Asking them what they like. They know their body best.

I love it all


Penetrating your girlfriend a few times and the denying her the cock. They go wild.