What’s the first scene in your erotic bank?

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partner sucking my dick kneeling in front of me

My partner rubbing my cock through my briefs

The way my partner is hard throbbing cock feels in my ass

The girl at my gym… I think she’s sr mgr. she has cheek acne unique. I take her home for lunch. She did t get her yoga or stretch I. Today. I put face cream k. Her. She stretches in clothes… we eat lunch. I adjust her. She compliments me… we get half naked bra panties my shirt off. She compliments my arms and chest. Noticed my duck being hard but she’s just brushing it. Then she blows me, all eye contact. We fuck hard to finish. She has to get back to work but we didn’t rush. It was just what we both wanted.

Fantasy recently conjured up from short video sent to me: I fuck my wife’s face while she’s swirling a wine glass. Her friend is near by and joins in the fun. Then I flip the friend around and start fucking her doggy style while my wife sits on her face. Side note: wife would likely be into it!

My wife gets home from work and I have the confidence to take her outside her car, before she even gets in the house. We are playful and connected, losing awareness of everything beyond each other and our own pleasure. She comes in my mouth once before I enter her with my cock and she comes once more.

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Wife and her friend taking turns going down on me while friends husband fucks my wife from behind.

Fucking my coworker in the cash office

Hooking up with a friend and her friend – they start kissing and invite me to join them

Naked in a hair saloon and the girl is shaving my dick and after that im getting a handjob

I have a fantasy for a long time, that I end up with a hot girl in scientific laboratory in white lab coat. Pounding her against the wall.

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eye contact during a blowjob.

With my girl, she works in a call center, twice a week from home. Just imagine her on the phone with a customer, and I start playing with her. Kissing, licking, just driving her mad, and then getting inside her, slowing pleasuring both of us

Looking into his eyes when his cock is in my mouth and seducing him completely

I think of wrestling in minimal clothing with a hot girl and then I get to dominate her in the bedroom

My partner in a lesbian act.

Couch Milking

I’m naked or pants less on the couch fresh out the shower, laying on my stomach. My wife comes down and sees me, intrigued. She runs her hand on my leg to my butt, I feel her nails. She touch’s my hole and says she wants to me milk and rim me. I get on fours and she starts milking my dick with coconut oil. She’s eating my ass begging for my cum. I do & she drinks it all, & we lay down on the couch.

Wife comes home after Gym, I get aroused watching her tight body and yoga pants. We begin kissing, hug, undressing each other and she notices me getting hard. I get excited. It continues with penetration and happy ending.

Threesomes a pretty go too for me