What’s the first scene in your erotic bank?

A guy at the gym who tends to chat to me in the locker room. We are the last ones to leave on Fridays so I go down on him…

Eating her out from below and having her drip because she’s so wet

Fucking her from behind as we look at each other in the mirror to our side

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My partner is a good looking blonde andhas a great little body. When I fuck her doggy style I imagine she’s a stranger I picked up. I think it helps me fuck her harder she loves it. I do find it harder to do that when I’m facing her though and that’s her fave position for cumming

Partner in a lace one piece

Threesome with work colleagues

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Watching my partner get fuckd by somebody else

I have the fantasy of tying my partner by all fours and going down on her so she moans and shakes uncontrollably in beautiful agony

Having sex with my former coworker in our office bathroom and having the cleaning lady come in and instead of being offended, she joins us

I have had my fantasies all this time and had good sex… I somehow decided to stop them completely and concentrate thinking about my wife and her only last year in Oct, early Nov i developed ED. This information should have come earlier to me now am struggling to get back to normal hard dick and its harder than how i want my dick to be. I don’t really know what came into my mind to decide to drop fantacies but i guess i have always wanted to be nice to her and ave been trying to and this only one thing of fantacy was what i was feeling remaining bit to be honest with her. It just worked against now we are not very happy couple…I thought i cud teach myself to see her and think about her and get hard and maintain the hardness… Its not working so far. I have avoided fantasy despite this but the few time i have found myself fantasysing it just work well. Last time we were having sex a week ago and i caught my dick going flacid, run to one fantasy i used to like (undressing our curvy-house girl) and i got it back, but finished sex very quick to avoid another… This fantasy thing worg but am now confused.

Bringing a new person home.

My college girlfriend walks in on me and my wife. She’s tall athletic, blonde, and loves to wear tight clothes. She opens the door, immediately rips off her skirt and top and jumps into bed. Pushes me out of the way and starts hooking up with my wife. They passionately go at while I watch. Her hands slide down to finger my wife. She slowly looks up at me and smiles. She nods to her ass. I get up and start eating her out. As she falls in a moan on top of my wife. She cums once and moans my name. I immediately hop up and slide it in while my wife starts to finger herself watching. As I’m about yo cum my wife steals my dick as it squirts all over her tits.

My ex in her oversized band shirt and pink thong bent over to the side of me. She’s sucking my dick while I have her thong pulled to the side and fingering her. She moans with my dick In her mouth

A plumber coming to the house

Massage parlor

Hentai girl with miniskirt, stocking and large boobs being submissive and doing me a blowjob :grin:

A really sexy girl friend of mine taking my briefs out and sucking me

Me grabbing my partner’s hair while she is giving me a blowjob

Fucking in the kitchen. Just finishing the dishes, she wraps her arms around me, then I turn and start kissing her. She kneels and grabs my throbbing cock, starts blowing me, then I pull down her panties and go to town over the stove.

I used to regularly fantasize, but over the years with two marriages where partners lost interest I have less ability to “suspend disbelief”. It all comes crashing down with “yeah right, that’ll never happen”.