What are the best ways to stimulate a penis?

(whether you have experience giving or receiving)

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In my experience lots of focus on the head and in the middle of the penis, urethra opening frenulum balls and taint

Lots of teasing and not doing one motion for too too long

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Spend time exploring with mouth and tongue, lots of saliva, lick all over, relaxed mouth

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The best experience is to slow and soft suck with the top and middle part. It feels totally awesome and gets me going real good

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Every cock is different really. You adjust based on the respond of the person, and elicit respond when they’re playing with yours so they can use as a guide of what’s working and what isn’t

Don’t. Forget. The. Balls.

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Varying Light touch and pressure. Paying attention to the areas around .

Two hands on the cock. I don’t do this myself when I’m masturbating so it’s really hot when she does it. Add in the mouth for maximum oral pleasure.

Makes me realize even more that my last partner was shit at foreplay and intimacy. She just wanted penetration and orgasm. I need a lot of attentiveness, touching teasing and playing to get comfortable and warmed up. She was great at sucking my balls but that was about it.

Sucking is underrated

As the penis base extends to the perineum under the testicles pressing there can add sexual stimulation.

Having lips wrapped around the head with tongue kicking frenelum.

Licking like an ice cream

Maybe too simple, but just handjob with starting light and slow then increase the grip a bit when its hard and find a good rhythm. For cumming increase the speed even more.

Teasing not death grip


Using your hands to jerk me off while sucking is everything for me.

Please don’t touch the urethra opening, unless you know they like it

Include the balls