What are the best ways to stimulate a penis?

Sustained pressure on my Frenulum, when I’m close to climaxing, is so pleasurable. It’s the most intense feeling I’ve experienced. Try it and thank me later.

Gently, licking, sucking with conviction, full attention given

I love a partner in a spoon position behind me and rubbing my penis - the combination of the body warmth on my back and the penis pleasure is wonderful

Lots of foreplay without touching the penis

Don’t forget the scrotum and staff!

It is important to stimulate the testicles while stimulating the penis. Whether is cupping, gently fondling, even a gentle squeeze. Pay attention to your partner as you try these and notice hardness changes. Watch your teeth and breathe through your nose. Start slow, and if the direction is don’t stop, maintain the speed and pressure.

Focusing on the head while squeezing my balls always works

Eye contact

Pressure on the front base