How do you approach full-body arousal? Is there anything you’d like to know?

Slow cuddling in a spooning position while chatting in bed is a great way to build arousal gradually and make both partners calm and worry free. It’s often longer than the sex itself, but it seems to build to the actual sex the right way. It’s really foreplay for my wife and I, come to think of it.

I wait until they ask, once you’re comfortable together…usually, not always, they’ll have a “request!”

Yeah man hair pulling and spanking when the conditions are right

Spanking should avoid the spine and the kidneys

More time spend exploring each other body. Feeling different parts and feeling free to engage in arousing sensations without the expectation of building arousal requiring sex

Just trying things, exploring their body and reacting to them. Asking what they like

Body kissing and caressing

I’d like to know more about how to connect some of these full body sensations to arousal. Like, if my partner gives me a massage, it feels nice and sensual but I don’t necessarily feel aroused. Maybe it’s better to think of it as an extended foreplay.

Definitely interested in exploring kink, especially role play, bondage, latex, etc. Having always played the dominant role, Im interested in trying a submissive role or being in service to my partner’s pleasure.

I have resisted using full-body arousal techniques because I haven’t been confident in anything I was doing but im going to try flirty eyes and cuddling for connection

Massage is often a great way to start full body arousal

I try to get as much skin to skin contact as possible. Even if it’s just sliding my hand under her shirt while laying in bed. I’ve never really tried anything too kinky apart from some very light spanks and hair pulling.