How do you plan to simmer?

Murray Blacket explains that we can all simmer to top our libido up. What’s your approach going to be?

I need to tell my gf more that she turns me on and be more excited to meet up with her. My texts need to be more eager.

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think about it more when im trying to sleep

im single:(

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Giving them a more intimate kiss when I see them and playing with their hair.

Solo. :frowning:
That said, I like the idea of it, and I’ll do it tomorrow! Fantasize a wholesome situation with me and somebody and try that once an hour and see how it goes.

By stroking my partners hair. Texting them in the morning. Not so much have a good day and they looked good last night. By saying I’m at the gym. By telling them you look sexy. CNt wait to see you. Turn up the heat. Longer kisses. Less neediness,
Although cuddling is good. More anticipation. Good guy works being happy and good guy Ian always play. Let go of needing constant approval. Let go of comfort cuddling all time. Play with hair, spice up food, massage her but don’t initiate sex right off bat. Just elevated touch and wanting.

I think my wife and I do a lot of this already, but there’s always room for improvement

Giving more simmering messages throughout the day – playful comments, touch, and reaffirming my desire for her


Go out of my way to pull the wife into deep hugs

Hugging my wife deeper. Kissing her more. & telling her to make it wink for me for fun

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I think me and my partner are good at simmering but I do feel a pressure to have sex even when im not in the mood

Communicate more with my partner, tell her how much I want her. We’ve been together for many years, so I feel we’ve let that side of ourselves slip.

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Tickling always works

I need to use a more vivid imagination style and be uninhibited when it comes to my desires. I will picture the scenarios and fun situations that I want to happen in great detail and practice a positive, sensual mindset consistently every day.

Texting, kissing, bath

Probably with a different look, a different kiss, touching with different intensities, just have to do with the energy that’s being passed

Myself and my partner are always complimenting eachother, our kiss hello is normally a bit shorter than goodbye, I stroke her hair, arms, back or legs when we’re sitting down and just having her lay her head on my chest is what I love and desire. Cuddling is my thing.
We do sext a little bit as well.

Texting can’t wait to see you. Stroking arm/hair on the couch