How do you plan to simmer?

Start more casual touching throughout the day. We both work at home. There’s no reason we can’t have more contact.

Doing a lot of this already, just didn’t know it had a name! Being more aware of it now helps though.

With texting and when I see her be passionate

Kiss her while holding her face.

Texts that will build anticipation. Passionate kisses and embraces upon meeting and leaving. But also to clue them in on it!

Looking back with my old partner, I remember when we started to be more platonic in physical affection (peck on the cheek, fast hugs). It was a mistake, things could have worked out if we had been more deliberate and taken the time.

I’ll be dropping more sexual comments and compliments during the day. Looking into their eyes more and longer when I see them

We’ve gotten into the habit of eating dinner in front of the TV on opposite ends of the couch. I need to break that cycle by first sitting next to each other and touching, but communicating that I just want to be close and there’s no expectation of it leading to sex. Then, I need to talk about the simmering exercise so that we are on the same page.

I’m in a talking stage with a girl who I might make it official with and I’ve been worried about stage fright so I’m gonna start solo simmering thinking about her and hopefully it will help

Try to think about it more often, hold on to sexy thoughts and cultivate them

A lot of this stuff I do already, although maybe she initiates it more often. I plan to send more messages of desire throughout the day

I’ve started a little bit but just thinking about it makes me tingle so I’ll incorporate more into this with the sensate

I would tightly hug my partner and give a kiss on her lips and tell how beautiful she is.

Fantasize about different times I had sex.

While we don’t expect to have trouble with the solo simmering exercises, the ones that rely on sexy ‘cues’ from a partner may prove difficult for neurodivergent people like us, who have difficulty picking up on subtle social gestures like flirting. Even certain forms of physical contact come across more affectionate than flirtatious / sexy. Will keep trying regardless.

I do a lot of this already

Damn that ass lookin juicy girl. Works every time.

I guess I already do that very often

I like the idea of simmering

It seems I do this naturally, and yes, it does work.