How do you plan to simmer?

I think taking time to notice the sexy things about my girlfriend will help me keep simmering going

Some of this I’ve tried already but before there was any major issues my gf was more into simmering and I was stand offish about but if she’s up for this then it can probably help a little

Th is is something we’re actually pretty good at. Lots of physical touch and affection. Texting throughout the day. “Grabass.” Kissing. Holding hands. I love to simmer.

I really liked the “act like your a director” thing for self-simmering. Ill adopt that

We do a lot of this already sending pictures and messages back and forth. Doesn’t seem to help because I run into the I’m just going to fail to have a hardon when it comes time mentality or my critic tells me she is lying to me and just doing it to keep me happy.

By texting subtle sexy hints

Single, so I’ll be fantasizing about all the things that turn me on

I have a partner but i guess i like sell simmering bit to start with. Am just realizing I Used to have so much of it some years back and i was really activate buy then. Somehow i dropped all of that and rarely do i entertain sexual thoughts during my busy day activities. I will find for a time to share with my partner and if she is okay with it then we can start practicing… Looking forward to this…

I’ve been doing this since I first started dating…I always considered it to be part of foreplay. Building anticipation

Mentally and emotionally, I’m a highly sexual individual. My physical vessel just doesn’t respond …or feel connected I guess.

Texting through the day, longer more sensere kisses, sexually charged compliments, and sharing fondness. Include her in the practice by communicating.

To hug my wife as well as kiss when I get home, be more playful

I think solo will be best for me. I want to be more in control of my libido.

More sexual comments

Touching my wife’s face when I kiss her.

Talk to my wife about this idea. I already do many of the simmering things, but she does not engage in them as much. More hugs and kisses.

Pay more compliments

I’ll do / say things that are specific enough for her to know they are genuine

Sexy texts and touching.

I need to create some sexual tension. I believe my libido is so low it is impacting how much I show attraction towards her.

I’m a bit afraid of simmering because I could create wrong expectations and maybe my partner could think I want to have have sex while I don’t?