How do you plan to simmer?

Solo simmering at first and see how that goes and how my libido may change

Use more descriptive language when describing how bad I want to see my fiancé

I’m going to be more affectionate and show my partner how I feel about her sexually

Stroke her back while embracing her into a long kiss

try to be playful in a daily life

Create fantasies of a desired sexual partner. Look at what they’re wearing and imagine their body. At the gym, noticing the way their body moves and complimenting them

Messaging, stroking, complimenting kissing

All of the above

Needing message, more touch

Not sure how I’ll do this yet. Probably more involved kissing. I have a partner that I haven’t had sex with yet, so we’re both somewhat unsure of each other.

Solo dolo. Going to the good ole imagination station

More intimate kiss

chat notes during the day, touching

I plan to use all of the daily things and add some spice to them. Making the kisses longer with a slight glad on the butt. Things of that nature.

Great reminder that regular small actions make a big difference. And feel good, to boot. TBH I’ve sort of slacked on this to avoid the many small rejections I get when she is busy and annoyed.

I’m between relationships, but the solo-simmer will work for now. Maybe plant a few seeds with some potential partners.

I plan to be more vocal about what I’m thinking when I see her. The part I really need to sink is not viewing it as foreplay with an expectation of sex because if I do think like that I feel like I would worry more about talking up how bad I want her and then if I have an issue getting up it looks or sounds like I was full of it or that something’s wrong.

I have doing the simmering all long. But partner just receive and didn’t do it. Perhaps this is n opportunity to let him in, nd let him understand. So he could participate too.

Currently single but I did do a lot of this while in a relationship!

Send texts. Maybe a sexy pic. Random I love you. Longer kiss.