How do you plan to simmer?

I’m in a new relationship, so simmering is kind of naturally happening. But I’ve had an “ah-ha” moment during this course: I’ve always viewed simmering as a natural part of a new relationship, but with time it naturally fades. I realize now that I’ve neglected simmering in my long-term relationships, which in turn kills the intimacy. In future, I’ll make a point of working to keep the sexual chemistry alive, and simmering seems to be the ideal practice to do so.

I tend to simmer naturally as I’m a very sexually-minded & flirtatious person, I never knew about Simmering but turns out I’ve always done it regularly.
Examples with my current girlfriend include random sexts, physical touch both generally (stroking) or sexual (bum taps/squeezes), eye contact & sexual innuendos, etc

I already do this on a small scale but I plan to be less robotic and repetitive with the sweet things I say and show more passion when I summer

This excellent and exactly what we’ve been talking about at home !

Longer kisses and more meaningful texts

Start sending sexy texts a few days before seeing one of my partners for sex

Being more passionate when I greet them and say goodbye to them. That way when we’re not together we’re both thinking about when we can next see each other.

Send sexy texts to my wife and compliment her more often on how she looks.

Communicating verbally and physically in a more eager manner that I am excited to see and be with them.

Try to sext with each other and tell the wife how hot she is and beautiful on a daily basis.