How do you approach full-body arousal? Is there anything you’d like to know?

Naked massages

Completely envelope with my partner, feeling our whole bodies touch each other. Exploring each other’s bodie with our mouth, fingers, genitals

I have done most of the things presented here. I really like eye contact and cuddling and I practice those with my partners. Recently I have tried more dominant play like spanking and light choking. I have done some blindfolding in the past though I don’t seem to be much into it. Maybe I should give it a try again .

I love to cuddle as a straight guy. Comes very naturally lol

im in an LDR so me and my partner start with sexting right before we meet then we touch and make out while cooking or watching a show then we proceed to bed. idk like to know how to make someone squirt

I am open to all these new things. I just need to find a partner that I can trust and talk to without condemnation or gaslighting. So the search will continue.

I want to take more time attending to her pleasure pre-penetration. I do fear losing the erection. I would like her to find more ways to pleasure me also pre-pené

Be adventurous in all areas of stimulation and communicate with your partner often to ensure both of you are comfortable

She seems to relax and open up when I’m behind her and reach b/w her legs and gently rub and apply pressure with my entire hand to her pussy. I’ll back off and just barely glide a finger across and slightly in her pussy, and she will usually move her body closer to my hand wanting me to apply more pressure.

We try a lot of full body arousal.

Always best to do before the main course

i have not done this yet but i should really implement full-body arousal the next time i have sex

The main course is great but so underwhelming without your partners full-body arousal. go slow and make him or her so hot and bothered they are almost begging for more.