How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

What’s enjoyable, and what do you want to work on?

The male voice is soothing and relaxing, encouraging. The female voice from the first exercise from Day 1 was a bit jarring. If she was a bit smoother, relaxed, calm, encouraging, that exercise would have worked better for me.

I have a hard time getting aroused from just light touch, especially anywhere other than my penis, so I’m not sure if that’s something I need to practice or if it’s just how I am.

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It is enjoyable but, like above, i have a hard time getting aroused by light touch, anywhere. But it’s pleasurable the same

The female voice from the first exercise went 900 miles an hour like she had to be to a meeting or something haha. This guy was way better in tempo but i would have by far preferred a womans voice just not the stressed busy

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Same here, I’d prefer female voice as part of my mind was occupied by discomfort of listening Male voice encouraging me to touching my penis haha
It is definitely something new and something exciting especially that I see effects of this when touching myself

The female voice was unsettling. It made me more anxious if anything. This was soothing, and very importantly, natural.

I’m enjoying the process of slowing down and focusing on sensations, rather than achieving an outcome (of climaxing). Just slowing things down relaxes me and brings me into the moment. Overall feeling positive!

This was better than the gist one. Can’t be sure if it was due to the exercise, the duration, the different voice, or because I knew what to expect this time.

Need to focus more on the feeling of touch

I’m eager to keep working at it. I’m excited that what’s been going on in my head is a common issue and that there’s a name for it and a treatment.

I’d much prefer a female voice for this exercise

I enjoy that this challenges me to enjoy different sensations. I realize now I truly fell into the death grip method of jerking off and don’t truly enjoy the soft touch and mind body connection masturbation should be about. I want to strengthen my arousal to simple touch.

Its fun at first but then I get bored. Like, it feels nice but at a certain point I just want to climax. My body doesn’t care about feeling and playing anymore.

I like the idea of these lessons a lot but I feel as though I should be getting hard from them, but I understand that that feeling of ‘should be’ may be the reason for not having them.

I have a problem getting aroused by the light touch. It feels ok but there is more needed with it, even me tally

This has been great. After practicing a good bit I can get hard just from touching my body and nipples. Focusing on sensations and being grounded in the moment has changed everything for me.

I prefer the female voice, more realistic to what would be real life for me. Texture is the biggest for me, but the time on non aroused balls was a bit unsettling, almost a turn off when just myself and the male voice, like an inspection unfortunately.

I like that I don’t have to feel guilty about doing the exercises. I need to work on focusing on the sensations.

I liked having a female voice more than a male voice for this but the female voice from the first one was too fast. If she was more relaxed and encouraging it would have been perfect.