What sort of voices do you like for audio exercises that help you with your sexual issues? Why?

Gender, sexiness, accent, age, delivery style… there are so many variables we have to consider when we choose voiceover artists for exercises.

So have your say.

What sort of voices do you like for exercises and why?

Soft female voice because it helps with arousal.

Female voices by far. The other ones make me feel like my grandpa is telling these things to me. Not exactly arousing.

Male voices for me. I find female voices a bit intrusive, but that’s possibly because I’m gay. Calm and slow-paced is better for me too.

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Found that a firm rhythmic pressing into the taint works like an erection button! Who knew? Probably pressing on something? Prostate?

Natural female voices.

One male sounded a tad robotic, almost AI and perhaps they all are but it was a somewhat off putting.

Gentle female voice

Probably a woman

Sexy female

Definitely a female voice. Soft and breathy like I might hear from my girl

soft voices that sound excited/aroused, male or female

Female voices

Male in their 30s. For me women cause a bit of anxiety around this topic. Male almost feels less gendered in a sense for me personally

This voice sounded too robotic, like Siri was instructing me.

Make for me

Female voices like the last one, just make it all more comfortable

Female voices

I prefer soft female voices because it feels safer and makes me calm.

Female voice a lot better