What was the challenge like?

Were any parts particularly good? Is there anything you could work on?

Not touching myśleć when watching porn, but still masrurbation driven with goal to cum. When trying something new I was losing the erection

Did not get hard watching porn but did get hard and came after 2 minutes when masturbating. Now I probably won’t get hard for my date tomorrow. Lol

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Was interesting to find out that I could get an erection from just watching and not touching. Probably was happening anyway, but was more aware of it - that I didn’t need to touch.

Interesting exercise! I didn’t get hard while watching porn (which is unusual for me) and felt an internal dialogue starting in my head that “I should be hard”. But I stayed with it and became semi hard when touching myself. Just shows the power of the mind!

Great except use. I was able to get and stay hard through the porn. Then came in and made it through 8 minutes hard as hell before coming!

Unfortunately I didn’t make it through the 10mins of porn. I was semi aroused watching it then gave in to temptation. I will try again and keep practicing

Up and down while watching. Enjoyed being playful with penis after but didn’t want to finish as try to save myself for possible action with the wife later.

I realized my imagination in this area is sorely lacking. I easily got aroused while watching but it was difficult to reimagine the scenes afterwards.

Don’t watch porn anymore. Used to watch it frequently, but quit 3 years ago. Since then have only watched in 20 or so times. Didn’t want to watch porn for this session as I find after I’ve watched porn I find it hard to get erect without it for a week or so following :slight_smile:

This was interesting for me. Considering I was kind of addicted to porn this was kind of like exposure therapy

didnt get hard watching porn

It was cool to touch after porn remembering hot scenes and then masturbating without the goal of erection or cumming

Very interesting

Good to know if I get out of my head I can achieve an erection

The light touch without the “death grip” feels good. Overall it is an odd experience though. I’ll need to work on it

I definitely seemed to last longer in this excercise. Exploring my body, mixing sexual and sensual touch, and being aware of my other sensations. I do want to use those other aspects more. My first attempt I seemed to revert to my old routine. All good

These exercises have really let me determine what is best for me, what feels good for me, and what drives me crazy. I have focused so much on my penis in the past, when now I realize my nipples are probably where I get the most intense pleasure. Getting me hard, keeping me hard, and the orgasm …well just wow.

I see the point of it, invoving different visual and touch stimulations, while haveing an overall longer experience from the time of first arousal to the end of masturbation. I think for me going forward, I’ll try and skip the porn entirely (it’s never been a big part of my routine), and just focus on going slower with different types of touch

didn’t get hard during porn afterwards with the touch i managed to get an erection