Feeling arousal in different areas other then your gentitals

Hey does anyone have any tips for how to feel aroused in different areas of your body or all over your body and not just your genitals?

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Hey - great question. Have you checked out the mindful masturbation exercises in the porn section. You actually don’t even touch your genitals but its great for noticing and appreciating arousal in parts of your body you didn’t know could be aroused.

The visualisation meditation series could also be good to try. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

I’m getting into nipple stimulation. For some guys there’s a direct link between their nipples and penis… it just needs awakening. Some guys can get aroused this way, although others feel nothing. You do have to work on them and get past the pain threshold. I’m not talking just one hard squeeze… no, it should be a gradual build-up, giving them lots of attention. Softly then hard, then softly again. Get some spit on the fingers, brush them gently, then squeeze a bit more. Start off by yourself when masturbating and just explore the sensations to see if it’s something that might help you. The first time my nipples got really worked on it really hurt but after that the ‘pain’ I’d previously felt changed into something pleasurable. These two things are interlinked anyway. It was like something had been switched on inside me. Now, for example when a partner is giving me oral I might start using my hands to play with my nipples and get the triangle thing fired-up to help my erection. In fact, this very evening I had a session with a guy I’ve been seeing (yes, I am gay but hey, on mojo we’re all males) it was very relaxed and he worked on my nipples for 20mins or so and I came without touching my cock. Throughout my cock was shifting between hard and semi-hard but ALL the sensations ricocheted around that triangle i.e. it wasn’t just about my penis. It’s the FIRST time I’ve cum that way. So, I guess that’s a long but hopefully useful answer to your question about experiencing arousal in other areas.


That’s inspiring man, thanks!
Doing the exercises I found out I could get stronger erections and probably achieve climax only by the nipples.
Our bodies are really fantastic. Thanks for sharing and thanks Mojo for given us males some new insight on male sexuality education.