Sensate/No Touch Masturbation?

Part of the sensate aspect is feeling your body in the moment.

I wonder if one difference between being solo and being with someone is that all the touch is happening when it’s just you, while when you’re with someone you might not have any touch at all (while making out).

Just thinking aloud; wonder if when solo it’s better to try and get it up without touch, to start?

Might be closer to the gameday experience and one reason why it’s easy to get it up while solo but more difficult to “feel” when with someone else.

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Oh I think it is worth practicing indirect arousal - very light touch on genitals and surrounds and even other parts of the body with no genital touching.

I found in solo sensate work my feet (go figure?) and nipples were highly arousing.

This work has made me so much more aware of sensations other than my dick it’s been quite mind blowing for me. When I do go on to masturbate it’s almost unreal - porn has nothing it!

However I would also encourage some touching when making out - why not?

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“ porn has nothing to it” typo.

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