Anxiety over solo masturbation

I have anxiety over my ability to get and maintain an erection. When I’m with my girlfriend, I am eventually able to get hard and stay hard because she is patient with me. However, when I masturbate solo I seem to get nervous that I will not get an erection but can still cum without an erection The high cause me shame and anxiety.

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Hey! I’ve been having the same issues recently. It’s especially frustrating because a few months ago I was having healthy erections and suddenly my solo time fills me with anxiety and I have a hard time masturbating solo. When I’m with my partner there isn’t as much as an issue but I can’t seem to do it solo unless I have porn. Any progress made on your end? I hear that the sensate exercise helps with this. I have yet to try it.

Hey just thought I’d check in. After doing the program i can say that solo sensate really helped with this issue for me after a few weeks. I can now get and maintain an erection solo, it’s all about getting used to touching yourself without the pressure of getting hard. Eventually the erections come on their own