Unable to get an erection through masturbation

Hi. Just wondering if anyone else struggles to get an erection whilst masturbating? I have no physical issues as have been checked by GP. I just can’t get aroused enough. Also is lack of arousal caused by anxiety?

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Currently very anxious myself and struggling the same. I need to tackle my anxiety issues to get myself back on track. My performance anxiety has created a bigger problem that is should have and now I need to get reversing those effects. Keep at it man you’ll get there.


Thanks for the support. I thought that not getting an erection when masturbating never happened as it never seems to be mentioned as an issue. I’m glad you say it’s anxiety as that’s exactly how I’m feeling. If I’m totally relaxed at night I can get a really hard erection so I’m confident I can get there. Hope you’re on the road to getting there too.
Hope you don’t mind me asking another question, Do you think lack of arousal is caused by anxiety?

Yes anxiety is the killer in all of this. It can be a real vicious loop. Just need to tackle the anxiety and then obviously work from there. Easier said than done but I’m working on it and talking to as many helpful people I can. Once the fear is conquered how can you be scared of it again

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Yeah man I heavily relate to what you’re saying…I struggle really hard right now for months with getting an erection from masturbating. Usually I’ve had to rub it for a long time like a few minutes to get it fully erect. Also to get it to be very solid again I often have to tighten my hand around the base and rub quickly so I don’t cum by rubbing the middle underside. I’ve been able to get it up quicker lately after using porn but I think this made me too eager and I think I “used up” a lot of the arousal because I masturbated a few days in a row and currently my erection is hard to get fully hard now…it takes a LOT of sexual fantasy and careful masturbating. And yeah I think anxiety and or depression definitely impact your erections because my arousal literally fluctuates with the day, or week, or month many times. Just letting you know you’re not alone brother.

Similar situation here too. I also find it difficult to get hard during maturbation. Most of the time watching erotic content I get excited very early and cum very early. So rubbing and all I don’t have any time. I cum before anything can start. Also if am relaxed and fantasize erotic thoughts i do get good hard Erections. But by maturbation i rarely get hard erection. I cum very soon. This also happens when I get really aroused during sex and premature ejaculation happens. Hope someone can help me with this