Do you think your erection issues are physical or psychological? Why do you think that?

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Psychological. I can get an erection when by myself, but struggle when with someone else

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Psychological because o have gone to the doctor and it only happens when I am in my head and spectating.

Psychological - If it is unlikely that sex will happen during foreplay/kissing, I’ll get an erection. If it seems likely and definitely the next step, I won’t be able to get one.



Perhaps a combination. I know most of it is in my head, and I realize how super tight my pelvic floor has been. Stretching has helped immensely

I think they are psychological as I can get strong erections when I don’t feel under pressure

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Psychological. I went to my GP and got tests done and they returned saying everything was normal. I definitely suffered from sexual performance anxiety as I had just started having sex and often relied on pornography too heavily to get an erection. My girlfriend has been very supportive of me on this journey and although I still have difficulty getting erections every now and then it is largely often because I am tired or under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

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I believe mostly and perhaps entirely physical… Several reasons:

My first one or two years of masturbating (7th and 8th grade) I remember frequently having an ‘erection that won’t go away’, and back then I masturbated almost every day. At some point in high school (9th-12th grade) and certainly by college (but before I ever managed to attempt intercourse with someone I was attracted to), that never happened anymore and I found that I could not maintain erections even with myself. Achieving full erections even momentarily also became more difficult… I’ve basically masturbated with ‘semi erections’ ever since. Morning wood also became less robust when I got it, and would go away immediately upon standing up.

I saw some urologists once this had become obvious to me (about 20-21 years old, in college), and they gave me an ‘overnight test’ for monitoring erections in my sleep and it seemed to tell the same story: I would get erections but they wouldn’t last. They looked for venous leak using a cavernosogram test and didn’t seem to find anything, although my penis was not exactly ‘standing up’ from the papaverine injection, it just kind of filled up with blood–engorged, but not erect as it used to be. They diagnosed it as ‘organic ED, unknown causes’, and prescribed Cialis first and that didn’t do much, so they prescribed Viagra. Amazingly, 50-100mg Viagra has occasionally worked for me in the calm of my own room, allowing me to get fully erect for a somewhat extended masturbation session. Unfortunately, these occasions have been few and far between. I tend to get the side effects instead, and still don’t understand this.

When I was ~29 years old, 3 years ago, I was able to use Viagra about once or twice a month with a steady partner. That occasionally allowed us to carry out intercourse but I was positionally limited (completely incapable of maintaining erections on my back), and in the positions we did do it wasn’t ‘hands-free’ most of the time. The condoms probably didn’t help.

Over the years, none of my other general medical tests have officially flagged anything except a clear vitamin D deficiency, which I’ve been treating, and borderline low HDL (the good cholesterol) which I’ve been trying to raise by eating more healthy fats, but it doesn’t budge easily.

Lately I am single again and bought some silicone sleeves that were once recommended by a sex therapist to me as a way to re-ignite my interest in sex (which has suffered over the years from this issue) by focusing on the physical sensations and pleasure. It really does feel incredible with the lubricants and I can achieve full engorgement for a few moments even without Viagra, but it doesn’t exactly get ‘stuck’ and will go away pretty quickly if I pull out/stop. I’m pretty much always really close to climaxing with those things as soon as I’m engorged – seems like the reverse problem that I never woulda thought I had (premature ejaculation), but at least I’m getting some blood in there consistently and it feels great.

In summary: the medical testing/symptomology, persistence of this issue across many years/partners/mental states, and decent responsiveness to intense physical stimulation that I’m recently finding, make me think my erection issues are predominantly physical in nature.


So true! Its exactly the same for me


Definitely psychological - I get super strong erections when I am alone, especially first thing in the morning. When I get into the moment with my partner I worry about not being able to get it up, which then makes the issue worse.

I think they are mostly or entirely psychological. I have erections regularly without the pressure of satisfying a woman. However, I do believe that the only physical component to my erection issues could possibly be masturbation and/or pelvic issues due to excessive weight-lifting or holding my breath. I am working on it, though, and I have seen improvement. I will keep going, you should too!

I think my issues are psychological. Coming from a religious family it was always seen as taboo to masturbate which resulted in me basically training myself to cum very quickly. Only now I realise the damage I done as a teenager. Hopefully with Mojo i can reverse the damage.

I feel that my election problems is more physiological. Most mornings without fail I always get an erection. When I was younger I suffered with being overweight and had body issues. So dating and having sex was a big issues. As I grow up as an adult I found myself masturbating more rather than having physical contact with a partner. Since losing weight and having a partner I have struggled during sex losing my erection. My mind I feel is confused by the actions of normal sex rather than masturbating to porn or by myself. Plus I get anxiety when it comes to my Performance as my partner has more sexual experience than myself. I put myself under so much pressure it causes me to lose my erection. Thus resulting in my partner being unsatisfied and upset about the overall experience. What’s causing a strain on our relationship.

I think they are purely psychological. I went to my doctor about this, for the longest time I thought they were physical - I guess because that is the simplest and easiest explanation. How could my mind be the blocker to what I wanted? I thought I was a freak for that dopamine. Turns out I do have a lot of anxiety.

Psychological. I think this because everything seems to work when I’m relaxed, not stressed, and in the mood. When I feel pressure to perform, or worry about losing my erection, that’s when it happens…or doesn’t happen, as it were.

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Totally psychological. It just makes sense given this.

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