Do you think your erection issues are physical or psychological? Why do you think that?

Psychological! No physical problems here


Some things ive learned on this

  • if i think sex is coming i get nervous and in my head
  • it can work when i am not thinking at all but this is rare
  • i have a saying “how it starts is how it finishes” - if i am trying to hard to get an erection (ie its not starting well) it often doesnt end well
  • my wife used to like me going down on her and this allowed me to redirect and take pressure off me and i could get myself ready while going down on her
  • redirecting my mind and talking dirty helps but sometimes awk if partner not into it but it helps distract your mind
  • i get very focused on stats and number of sex per week and this dominates my mind unfort
  • ive seen lots of docs to rule out physical, even when madterbating it takes me a bit of time to get hard and my doc said there may be a physical item here (kinda a blend of slight physicsl which exacerbates the mental side) but do all people take time to get hard?
  • i sometimes feel my libido is low ish but the ED could be a factor there to squelch it
  • i prone masterbated as a kid - maybe that pressure effed things up dunno but cant change that at this pt
  • sidenifil helps a lot usually - puts me in macho mood and helps to turn the volume down on my brain
  • get morning erections at 6a on the nose every day but never when i wake up - am always at high adreniline when i wake up and terrified of sex and ED
  • lost my erection while losing my virginity trying to put condom on and think that could be big factor - she broke up w me shortly after lol - cant remember if i had issues before then but dont think so
  • i am a hyper worrier analytical type and this has to play a part - i also take lexapro but that came after ED, its low dose and dont think a factor
  • i am super lucky to have a great wife who kinda can predict what i need, but i sometimes feel talking abt it can make things too clinical so i try to do some things on my own which may or may not be smart
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Psychological, I am so stressed that I am a failure in bed and also shame swirling in my head about sex. I wake up with a great erection, just don’t get it when wanting to have sex or masturbate.

100% psychological. Get the dread fear that I’m a failure and my (soon to be) wife will end things if I can’t improve them

Physiological because my PCP ran several tests and physically I appear to be fine. I think it could be guilt from cheating on my spouse over the years with other men.

I’m not sure. I think they are psychological because I’ve had many blood tests which reviewed a lot of functions. All test came back normal including testosterone and thyroid function. But I haven’t been able to get a fully hard erection in over 6 months. Without fail. I’m not sure what to do

Psychological. I feel like my situation is really silly honestly. I had always had some anxiety issues when it came to having sex for the first time so I thought it would be a great idea to start using sildenafil to “make sure it wouldn’t happen” and it went great with my new girlfriend for about 2 months or so until I ran out of medication and she still wanted to have sex. I tried to initiate sex with her without my “wonder pill” and failed to get an erection because I was scared of not being able to have good sexual experience without it. Later that night I came clean about my issues and my sildenafil use and she was supportive about it. Since then we’ve had a few awkward encounters where I’ve been unable to perform even after I’ve taken the medication. So that has created a range of issues in my own head that have caused performance anxiety and ED even when I’ve taken sildenafil.

I think the answer for me is: “Mostly physical but with confidence, positive emotions with my GF, and sexual touch, my erections are decent enough for masturbation and sometimes sex”. So basically mostly physical but if the psychological aspect is going good then its not too much of an issue. My biggest problem is greatly reduced penis arousal; as in there’s much much less blood flow to sexual thoughts or touch lately since the symptoms started. However, there have been times where after the symptoms began, I felt normal levels of arousal and erection from just touching my partner. I think the lack of arousal is what makes it take longer for me to get an erection. I usually have to stroke my penis for a while now to get it mostly hard (perpendicular to my body). If I really focus on sexual thoughts I can get some blood flow into my penis but its barely there. If I join in fantasies with my partner I get a good feeling penis arousal and good blood flow. Usually being sexual with my GF gives me good arousal or erection which had been wonderful and makes me feel better. Anyway, I got blood tests done and got examined physically by my heart, primary, and urologist doctors; they all say no physical injury which is great. But I feel I’m having a physical cause which may be venous leak; I have pretty much all the symptoms. The main one of which is softer or weaker erections. Its been really tough dealing with this especially because my arousal seems to fluctuate a LOT randomly…some weeks good, other weeks not. Going to my urologist to see if he can figure out more about my issues; maybe doing a test or two to further rule out physical cause or to find a problem he may have missed. Either way I’m just trying so hard to get back into physical intimacy and masturbation with my GF right now so I get my confidence back and more sexual arousal that I can maintain till we next have sex. We live long distance so its tough but I’m trying my best. I’ll try to update my situation later. Maybe one of you guys is dealing with this too; its sucks I get it. But we should try everything we can to get better.

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Physical, which has led to a psychological problem on top. I think physical because, unlike a lot of guys on here, I don’t really get hard in unpressurised situations like when I’m masturbating or when I’ve just woken up. Semi is usually the best I can hope for in any situation. This has led to a huge performance anxiety problem - but why wouldn’t it, I guess?

I’ve found I can get beyond semi if I combine lots of measures such as abstinence from cumming, Cialis and cock rings. If I go 10 days without cumming, I can actually get hard enough to penetrate, assuming my anxiety doesn’t get it the way. Hardly ideal when I’d love to be able to have sex several times a day if needed - certainly I have the sex drive for that! The periods of abstinence also remove all spontaneity and reinforce some potentially unhelpful attitudes regarding my confidence.

After maybe 20 years of defeatism, I’ve told myself that I’m gonna try to sort this out this year. Hence why I’ve signed up to Mojo, plus I’m arranging to see a urologist etc. I just hope this works - Mojo seems very tilted toward the psychological aspects, so it might be of limited use to me(?).

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