Physical or psychological

Please help me!!! Does it sound like physical or psychological issues??

No nighttime, morning wood or spontaneous daytime erections.

Really weak erections when masterbating.

Blood checks came back normal (testosterone and cholesterol).

I live a very healthy lifestyle (i am 39 years old).

Viagra works for me.

So does this sound like its physical or a psychological problem? In some ways it looks physical and others psychological. Could anyone please give their opinion and what they think is the best way forward. Many thanks :pray::pray:

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Sounds very much like my issues, apart from Viagra doesn’t really work for me. I’m thinking my issue is a physical one which has led to a load of psychological issues on top. I’ve finally decided to see a doctor about it and have been referred to a urologist. I assume you’ve done the same?

Are you from the uk? When i spoke to my doctor, he didnt seem overly intersested to say the least and just tried to shove viagra onto me.
He gave me a blood test, to examine my testosterone and cholesterol which came back fine, so wouldnt refer me to a urologist. My doctors are so pre occupied with covid, they dont want to see you unless you’re on deaths door.

I might phone up tomorrow and insist on seeing a urologist and state thats its having a dangerous effect on my mental health.

I’m in Wales (so under a different health system to England/Scotland/NI). I’d already stated that Viagra etc. doesn’t work for me, which might be why they didn’t bother prescribing me with it and referred me straight to a urologist instead(?). I don’t know how long you’ve been suffering from the issue, but I explained to my doc that I’ve had the issue for as long as I remember - right from being a kid. I think that increases the chance it’s a physical issue rather than a psychological one.

I don’t see the harm in you arranging another appointment to explain why being prescribed with Viagra isn’t a solution for you. Maybe ask why you weren’t referred to a urologist? Presumably they have their reasons, even if Covid is screwing the health system over.

Hey there. Thanks for your question.

Have a read of these two blog posts, which may help you uncover whether you’re having physical or psychological erection issues, and what kind of questions you could ask your doctor to understand what’s going on with your erections:

Hope these help!

Katherine from Mojo

Lovely i appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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