I’ve struggled with getting erections during sex since a I lost my virginity but now I can’t have sex at all

Well I’m 23 years old within the last four years I’ve tried to have sex on five different occasions and all five times I couldn’t get it up I’ve tried just about every method from dietary supplements to viagra pumps and nothing seems to work I’m also confused because I don’t wake up with erections either so I don’t really know if it’s psychological or something else is preventing me to get erections hard enough to have sex now my confidence is at an all time low please help

Do you masturbate?

Hey there, it might be worth chatting with a urologist just to get a better understanding of if it’s psychological or physical. Once you’ve got that information from a doctor you can be more confident about the next step to take which will give you a lot more hope.

Yes I’ve been watching porn for about 10 plus years now

Quit porn for 90 days

Might go to the doctor for this one boss

Have you tried abstaining from masturbation itself, with myself I’ve realised that after about 3 weeks my morning erections came back and some sort sec drive kicks in.