No morning wood but blood tests came back fine

I’m a 39 year old male who eats well and exercises regularly.
I’ve been suffering from ED for years, mostly hiding it from partners using viagra.
However I’m trying to stop this habit and I’m wondering if my ED is physical or psychological.
My penis works fine on viagra and I’m very comfortable in sexual situations. I rarely almost ever have morning wood or night time erections. However I’ve been to the doctors and all my blood tests came back normal. Also when I masterbate my erection is very weak at best.
Do you believe my problems are physical or psychological? I’m really struggling as the doctors do not want to know as my bloods are normal. Also all the advice about eat well, exercise etc I do anyway. Is it possible that stress and anxiety can prevent night time and morning wood? As I thought that was a physical problem. Any response would be really helpful. Thanks.

Anyone??? :joy:

You say “my penis works fine on Viagra”. If the the apparatus is working in that situation then I would think that the problems you are having in other circumstances are purely psychological. If you were physically broken you wouldn’t be able to get it up under ANY circumstances. Stay hopeful!

Thank you for your reply. With it working with viagra I thought maybe that pointed more towards physiological, especially with me not getting morning erections. I suspected potentially narrowing of the blood vessels in the penis. But my bloods came back fine and what with all the demands on the NHS with covid, the doctors don’t seem to want to look into it further.