Not getting morning wood

I never wake up with an erection anymore. Does this mean my issue is physical? Has anyone been able to find a way or have advice to get this back?

Get your testosterone levels checked. Diabetic?Blood pressure meds? Anxiety meds?
Unfortunately as we age T levels drop, I noticed no morning wood, using topical gel…. Much better now

Only 20 years old

Hey there,

Having trouble with morning wood can be an early warning sign of a physical cause, but can also be normal - we’d suggest seeking professional help to double check.

We have the following articles about physical vs psychological erection issues and also how to talk to a doctor about these issues:

I’ve had this problem happen. It comes and goes in waves for me. Happening right now actually. Haven’t really had morning wood in 2-3 weeks. But just before that had it a healthy amount but not every morning. I really believe it has to do with you conscious/unconscious mental state before you go to bed. I believe my subconscious has built a defense mechanism that kind of trains the body to avoid erections to “protect”. I wouldn’t stress too much about the morning wood part yet or at all. When did u start noticing?

It’s been going on for probably a few years now honestly. I think I have had some weeks here and there where I’ll get a few , but even then my erection goes down as soon as I get out of bed.