Can no morning wood be psychological?

I have normal testosterone, but haven’t gotten morning wood in a while. Could that be caused by stress?

I’m having the same issue. I haven’t had morning wood for a few months. My testosterone is normal though so unsure why I’m not getting it (except for the odd morning or two)

I’ve found I do get morning wood but about 6am. When I wake up at 8am it’s not always there, or not full

Yes me too - if I wake early morning may have one but “normal” time may or may not.

Original poster - yep I think stress can be a total erection killer all around. If you are going through a stressful period or have chronic stress this could well be a factor. It is well worth trying to find ways to manage stress for overall health.

I joined the navy when I was 17-peak hormone time. I think I went through all of basic training without morning wood. I definitely believe it can be lost sure to stress.

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Are you on the lower end of “normal” ? Doctors will tell you what is normal, but not optimal. If you have ~400 ng/dl, you should probably go do heavy resistance training regularly to increase your test

My testosterone is 675, and i rarely get morning erections since my first bad sex experience after ky breakup, and my doctor told me that it’s psychological. He said think of it like having a fight with someone and dreaming about it, the same logic applies for stress.

Same here. I haven’t had morning wood in 2 to 3 years. Test is around 780 so it’s on the higher end, still nothing.